Puppy contract

 Puppy agreement

The new owner will be referred to as "buyer" and the breeder (Taleisha Crabb) referred to as "seller". On the ________________________ 

Buyer took possession of Puppy.  Buyer has paid _______  with remaining of ________. The seller guarantees the puppy to be healthy at this time. Meaning there is no pre-existing life-threatening conditions.  If the buyer has any question as to puppy's health it should be taken to a veterinarian within the first 24 hours. The seller does warn that taking a young puppy to the veterinarian may expose it to parvovirus. However the buyer may wish to have a veterinarian ensure that there is no pre-existing conditions.  This guarantee does not include Parvovirus (unless diagnosed with parvo by veterinarian with in the first 24 hours) parasites or hypoglycemia as these are environmental. The seller guarantees the puppy against all life threatening genetic defects for one year. The seller guarantees that the puppy has been vaccinated with a five way puppy shot at least twice at two week intervals. This does not guarantee that the puppy cannot acquire the diseases it has been vaccinated for. Caution should be taken not to expose the puppy to dog parks, unvaccinated dogs or puppies. It is also best to hold puppy and not let them touch the ground when away from home until they are fully vaccinated. The puppy is to be spayed or neutered. The puppy is a pet not a breeder. If at anytime during the dogs life the buyer is no longer able or willing to care for the Puppy it must be returned to seller without refund. Puppy shall be treated as a member of the family and not be left outside in the cold. Please remember these are very small puppies and they are susceptible to hypoglycemia. Several small meals a day are better than one large one. The buyer agrees to contact seller immediately if Puppy seems unwell in any aspect during the "transitional period" or first two weeks at home with Buyer. A cash refund will not be given under any circumstances. Nor will seller pay for any veterinarian care. This is buyers responsibility. This guarantee is for a "replacement puppy". If there is found to be a pre-existing life-threatening condition or genetic defect, this diagnosis must be provided by a licensed veterinarian. If buyer wishes to get a replacement Puppy, original Puppy must be returned to seller. In which case a replacement Puppy will be given. If there is not a replacement puppy available out of the same litter a replacement puppy of equal value will be given in the next available litter. 

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Please enjoy your new puppy! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have we are here to offer a lifetime of breeder support! It is our hope that our  puppies go on to lead long healthy happy lives. And we have done our very best to ensure you received a healthy, happy well socialized puppy today. You should have received feeding instructions as well as a shot record today. Please contact me ASAP if Puppy shows any signs of being ill or not wanting to eat during the transition period.  Taleisha Crabb 505-220-9962